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The mission is simple:

A healthy life-style platform bringing European standard products to the Asian market.


Our vision

Born from the vision to create a platform that offers genuine, pure and innovative products, gatewhey.com stands for carefully selected and tested goods (all our products are Thai FDA approved) and where items such as: trust, quality, innovation and persistent customer-service are priority.

Our goal

Our goal is to guide each consumer in the best choice for his/her needs to create the healthy life-style and body desired. We therefore not only offer you the best, most genuine and innovating products currently on the market available but we are here to inspire and educate you to improve your nutrition and increase physical activity, and we believe we can lead the ‘way’.
We are not prepared to compromise our exceptional product quality, just to offer low prices. As there is no benefit in this for our end consumers and fans.

This attention to detail aids in the achievement and success of each client by informing them adequately via: our blogs, articles and recipes; to promote health and fitness through the use of high-quality sports supplementation, and to assist our customers achieve their health goals.

Most of our products are engineered and manufactured in Europe and in addition, each nutritional program incorporates pharmaceutical grade supplements that further fine tune all health, weight loss and athletic training programs based on individual need. We therefore can assure that we are offering our customers solid advice and supplementation and efficient training, in order for them to get the maximum benefit from your program.

Our values

Our values, which are built on trust, integrity, working in partnership and responsibility, run across all of our work – be that with gyms, our corporate partners, personal trainers, sporting organizations and, most importantly, people. Established in 2013, we are passionate about helping all of you to achieve full potential in life by delivering high quality products and advice.

At gatewhey.com we sincerely believe in the power of nutrition as preventative medicine, yet beyond that gatewhey.com is an organization that cares for charity that uses the power of sport to involve, inspire and positively impact upon the lives of children, young people and marginalized groups around Asia. From each purchase you make we donate a percentage to a charity in order providing them with rights and opportunities that they may not otherwise have had. A high quality tool to tackle some of the most pressing development issues, such as engaging more children in education, promoting gender equity and providing opportunities for children with disabilities to join sporting and social activities. We’d like to encourage the young generation of today to get active and involved in sport, a privilege that many children and young people are denied.

Transparent policy, fair prices, high quality products, and for nutrition backed up by relevant clinical studies and laboratory reports, we can assure our consumers they have come to a right place where passion for clients comes first and the right product(s) are at your doorstep.


You don’t want to miss one of the most exciting and unique opportunities in the global health and fitness market for the last decade.
Stay mentally and physically fit with your trusted companion in South-east Asia and beyond.

We love what we do; we do what we love!

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